Community, Virtual and Otherwise

July 14, 2011

Today was a blah day. The unstructured, carefree days with kids out of school may be starting to wear a little on this mama. And financial worries feel a bit heavy today. And my future is looming large in front of me with unanswered questions about employment and/or going back to school. And I’ve been mulling over a tricky situation with a friend. And I have a headache.

And some days are just “low pot,” as we call it in our family.

Whatever the reason, today was a blah day.

My kids were being great, so that helped. Dave came home from work and gave me a long, kind hug in the kitchen, so that helped too. And everyone liked the dinner I’d made, which always helps.

But still…blah.

Until an unlikely event surprised me with hope, and cheered up my heart.

I went online to a live-streaming radio show where I’d heard Andrew Peterson would be playing.

And there was one of those live chat featured next to the screen with the musicians. I recognized some names of those participating in the chat and decided to log in. You see, these were Rabbit Roomers, readers and participants of a blog I follow. These were the same folks who convened in the “real” (that is to say, non-virtual) world last summer at Hutchmoot. And they’re doing it again this September and Dave and I are going again to Nashville, spending money we really probably shouldn’t be spending, to get together with like-minded Christians who love stories and music and art.

And tonight, as I shared a few silly conversational swaps with a few of these folks, my spirits lifted and the blah of the day lessened.

I have friends right here in town. I could have called one or two today to cheer me up. I feel grateful to have a network of local pals that love me and can be real with me. But today, my “virtual friends” came through and filled a need I didn’t know I had in the midst of my blah day. The need for a little community, for common interests and light chatter. It filled me up. And it made me excited for September. Hutchmoot 2011


2 Responses to “Community, Virtual and Otherwise”

  1. Laura Peterson said

    Leanne, I’ve not been good about reading blogs in the past month, so it was a delight to come here and see all these beautiful posts! I was just last night with some friends who are working through their own difficult moving/finances/employment situations, so I’m glad to be able to share with them that they’re not alone. It sounds like it’s been a more-difficult-than-average summer…I’ll be praying for you and Dave this week, and your daughters who I’ve never met but who look lovely in your pictures. šŸ™‚ Is two months too soon to start counting down the days until Hutchmoot, do you think?

    • Leanne said

      Laura, you are so kind! Thank you for your nice comments. I’ve been a sporadic blogger as of late. Thanks for your prayers. And no, two months is not too soon to start the countdown to Hutchmoot. It was so lovely last year, and this year has the added promise of the delight of being amongst friends, not just like-minded strangers. :).

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