An Early Valentine Celebrant

January 6, 2011

Our littlest daughter, Bridget, is coming into her own.  She’s been a feisty little one since her birth, lo these five and a half years ago.  She started Kindergarten this fall and has become quite artsy and crafty, loving her newfound skills of writing and drawing and creating.  She had a blast during the Christmas season, making cards for anyone she could think of in her room at night, or ornaments, or decorations.

Well, Christmas is over and the void in her soul from the need to create needed to be filled.  So, she’s started celebrating Valentine’s Day, a little early.

And, she and I worked all morning to make a new Valentine’s Day outfit for her dolly.  She’s also clutching a beloved toy dragon that she got for Christmas.  (And she looks kind of disheveled here; I am aware of this.  This photo was taken during

that delicate stage in between “I took a bath and got my hair washed” and “Mom attacked my hair to make it look presentable before school.”)


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