If Blogs Were Children…

November 3, 2010

I would be facing an investigation by Child Protective Services.  Oh, the neglect!

I had been operating under the impression that when my children went back to school (all of them, for once!) I would have oodles of spare time, to blog, read, exercise, have coffee with friends.


Not so much.  Bridget is only in afternoon kindergarten, and Lucy starts school an hour earlier than Phoebe, so all in all, I have 2.5 hours a day without children.  On Wednesdays, only 1.5.  And on Mondays, I work in Bridget’s class.  The housekeeping (which still remains sub-par, in my opinion), the laundry, the grocery shopping, and the meal planning…  well, there just isn’t much time left over.

But I miss writing.  So I’m going to try to be back.

The weather is hot and dry; typical San Diego fall weather, but kind of annoying, nonetheless. The frost is on the pumpkin?  I don’t think so.

Halloween was a smashing success, except I didn’t get any photos of the kids.  We had a bunch of people over for dinner (witches’ brew chicken soup) so I was busy with hostessing…

Lucy started guitar lessons in addition to horseback riding.  She’s loving Middle School.

Phoebe is still doing piano and Irish dance.  In fact, she just won first place in the “Beginner 1 Reel” at a recent feis.  So proud!

Bridget is wrapping up her first soccer season, with much enthusiasm but not a lot of skill to show for it.   Kindergarten is suiting her just fine.

Dave and I are doing the Dave Ramsey “Financial Peace University.”  Feeling super excited to buckle down and get our financial plans in place.  We’re also teaching 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School together, and leading worship for that class, which has been fun and….interesting.

Well, that’s the catch up for now.



4 Responses to “If Blogs Were Children…”

  1. Laura said

    Nice to hear what’s happening. It’s so hard to get back into blogging when you’ve been gone for a long time. I just can’t seem to do it, but I really enjoying “seeing and hearing” what my friends are up to. In fact your blog led me to a book that David thoroughly enjoyed…”the Book of the Dun Cow.” Which I am sure I will enjoy when I can… I know it will happen eventually.

  2. Lisa said

    Hooray for an official catch up on the blog 🙂

    And I will never be able to fully state my gratitude for the role you and Dave are filling in that 11 am class! You are loved – by a ton of kids and by me!

  3. Su said

    I gave you a blog award! It’s on my blog today. 🙂

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