Back to School

August 25, 2010

My children all start school on August 30.  Less than a week to go


1. waking up early

2. rushing around

3. packing lunches

4. stressful homework battles

5. responsibility

6. time management


1. less sibling bickering

2. sense of purpose about the day

3. productivity

4. a small amount of daily alone time for me

5. routine!

I’m starting to feel the need for some routine again. It’s been a great summer, especially after we got through that icky, cold, gloomy time.  The past few weeks have been a blur of not much structured playtimes, mainly featuring my children and a lot of the neighborhood children playing furiously together outside.  Oh, it’s been lovely.  Our tiny suburban front yard has been packed with kids of all ages, swinging on our homemade rope swing, leaping from the green utility boxes that we are lucky enough to have in our yard, spontaneously inviting friends to stay for dinner, sending friends home with walkie-talkies so they could keep chatting as they went to bed.   Everyone’s been sleeping in, even Bridget!  I’ve been waking up on my own and enjoying the luxury of staying in bed for awhile, drinking coffee and checking email and facebook on my iphone.  Ahhhh!   Marvelous.

But I haven’t grocery shopped efficiently in months.  I haven’t planned meals.  We wake up and stay in jammies until it’s about lunch time, so lunch and breakfast get all mushed up together and we snack through the afternoon.  Dinner planning has been sparse.  Just throw whatever together last minute.  And I love it.  And I am starting to yearn for some structure and consistency and predictability.

So bring it on, new school year!  We’ll feel bittersweet, but we’re ready.


3 Responses to “Back to School”

  1. Jodi said

    This is the first time that fall will look much different for me–my kids leave for school for the first time a week from today. So it’s interesting for me to hear from more experienced moms who know what this is like. High on my “cons” list is the waking early/rushing around thing. I keep reminding myself that’s only a small part of the day.

    • Leanne said

      Hi Jodi! I have actually been thinking of you so much! I’m enjoying reading your blog, and have wondered if your children have started school yet. Big transitions for your family, eh?! I’d love to hear how they’re doing, and how you are doing with your new pursuits of school, writing, etc. And I’m wondering: have you ever read any Philip Yancy? I loved his book Soul Survivor. And also The Jesus I Never Knew.

      • Jodi said

        Yes, I read Soul Survivor a few years ago (really, about the time this questioning began for me) and loved it. Why I’ve never read others of his books is beyond me. The Jesus I Never Knew sounds like it would be perfect reading for me right now–maybe I’ll give it a try after I finish the Gospels (which reminds me, I haven’t started that yet, oops!).

        I’m planning to write about school and such when it starts. I’ll have more time for the blog then. Right now I feel like I’m in the storm before the calm.

        Thanks for thinking of me and reading what I have to say; that’s very encouraging.

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