Why not?

July 29, 2010

Ah, summer!

We stayed in jammies this morning for a long time.  Then Bridget scampered outside to play with some neighbor kids and Lucy was still sleeping, and Phoebe and I decided to start on a tote bag sewing project.

Let’s just say that my respect for those who know how to sew is increased every time I work on a sewing project.

After some frustrations with the project, Phoebe took a break while I ripped out some seams.  Then Lucy (who had eventually meandered out and gotten herself a bowl of cereal) asked, “Can I try to go into the attic?”

We don’t really have an attic.  We have a little crawl space. My first thought was “No.”

And my second thought was, “Why not?”

I just read a post by my friend Dawn who recommended that as parents, we should “Say ‘yes’ as much as possible.”  So I did.

Of course, Lucy’s sisters had to join her.  They are having a blast, just sitting up there, eating M&Ms and chatting.


4 Responses to “Why not?”

  1. Su said

    Cool. Good choice! 🙂

  2. Melody said

    i went to your friends’ blog – she’s linked to another blog that I read as well – small world in blog land, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Jobie said

    Good for you!! I need to start saying yes more often as well. Why is it that our first response is no? Glad you are having a good summer! Miss you!

  4. dawn said

    just saw this–thanks for linking to me! Way to go saying yes!

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