July 25, 2010

Today I am attempting to paint my bedroom.

We have lived in this house for eight years, and slowly, I’ve painted it, room by room.  Our room was the last in line, which is sad.

I chose “Lion” for the main color, and “Spanish Galleon” for the accent wall.  (Who gets to name these things?)

I worked on it last night.  And I’m working on it today, “helped” by my three daughters.  I finally had to say, “Get out! Mommy needs to do this alone for a while.”

I need to eventually stop and make a dinner for a friend who just had a baby.

And I need to do my neck stretching video, because the last 12 hours of painting has caused my neck to seize up each of it’s muscles.  Sigh.  Getting old.

And I need to be present with my children.  Not 100%.  They don’t need me that much.  But they also don’t need a grumpy mom that continually blows them off.

So, there are the details from my exciting life.


3 Responses to “Friday”

  1. LP said

    I’ve lived in my house for 8 years also…and have painted exactly 0 rooms. I never intended to keep it this long and kept thinking it wasn’t worth painting for a short term place that I’d eventually rent out…now apparently that wasn’t such a bright idea. Maybe I should paint mine too…then again, that’s probably just the thing that would make God decide it’s high time I move. Ha ha. Just in case, I’ll have you advise me on paint colours when you and A and B come over for dinner 🙂

  2. dawn said

    a neck stretching video??? I need that! link?

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