Inception Intrigue

July 18, 2010

I know I missed a day again.

Oh, well.

Dave and I went to see Inception tonight.  Whoa.  I loved it.  I was furious at it.  I was confused about it.  I thought it was amazing storytelling.  I haven’t seen such a creative movie in years.  Wow.

It’s late, and I don’t want to write about this a ton right now; still processing.  Plus, my mind is just starting to chill out after seeing it and then having heated debate with Dave about it for the last couple of hours.  And despite the fact that the movie made me suspicious about dreaming, I do eventually want to go to sleep tonight.

One funny thing.  At the very end, that top was spinning, the screen went black, and amid the gasps and groans of the audience, I said “No. Freaking. Way.”  I thought I said it under my breath, but Dave claims it was quite loud.  Oops.  Well, it is what everyone was thinking anyway, right?


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