Sunshine Quest

July 9, 2010

I mentioned yesterday how gloomy our July weather has been.  That, plus a few other things going on have left me down in the dumps.

Yesterday, I decided that we would not be victims of the drizzly cold weather any longer.  We live so close to the desert, where it is always warm and sunny!  I packed up the kids in the car after swimming lessons and started driving.  I was aiming toward Palm Springs, thinking maybe we’d cruise around the Cabazon Outlet mall, a huge outdoor strip mall.  It takes a little less than two hours to get there.

Well, 30 minutes into driving, we saw the sun!  The further we went, the warmer the temperature got, according to my ambient temperature gauge in the mini-van.  The children and I starting cheering as we saw the blue sky appear, and enough sun to actually cast shadows on the ground.  20 minutes more brought us to a little town called Menifee.  It’s a place I’ve always seen driving by on the freeway to get to someplace interesting.  Never stopped there before.  The girls were starting to get restless in the car and said, “Why don’t we just find someplace here to hang out?”  So I pulled off the freeway and we went exploring.

We ended up on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, with patches of huge smooth boulders on either side.  We parked and climbed onto the rocks, and there we lay, sunning ourselves like lizards.  Oh, it felt SO good.

We then found a park and hung out there awhile.

Menifee is not the fanciest place around.  But, boy did it do this mama some good to feel the sunshine again!  After a quick stop at a SuperTarget for slurpees for the girls and a Caramel Frappacino for me, we headed back into the gloom of San Diego.  The kids talked about it all afternoon, about what a fun and random adventure we’d had.  We’ll have to do stuff like that more often.  It benefited us all!


4 Responses to “Sunshine Quest”

  1. LP said

    How funny! I headed north when I tried and was awfully close to you also enjoying the sun up just a few miles away!

    Glad you guys had fun and found the sun 🙂

  2. Mom said

    sunshine or grey skys…adventure to Menifee or home in your living room…you are one AMAZING Mom!

  3. Aunt Beth said

    Lea! I would love to have you for a mom any day! I actually got warm reading this blog. What a lovely, special time you girls had. =)

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