The Most Endearing Bird Ever.

July 7, 2010

I posted awhile ago about an annoying mockingbird that was singing incessantly outside our window.  This is an update:

He found a mate!  A she-bird who was willing to put up with his infernal song.  And, wonder of wonders! they made a nest in a shrub in our backyard.

In my opinion, this was not the most ideal location for a bird nest.  We have an indoor/outdoor cat who is particularly good at nabbing birds.  And we have a big, snuffling, inquisitive dog whose head can reach right into the spot where they’ve taken up residence.

So far, so good, though.

When we first noticed the offensive bird carrying twigs and grasses in his beak, perching on our fence, then darting into the shrub, my feelings toward the little guy began to change.

For one thing, he was so busy with his nest-building that he had little time for singing.  Thus, our peace and quiet was somewhat restored.  Second, I found that his industriousness and determination and initiative greatly increased my respect for him.

I have gone from wanting to shoot him with a bow and arrow to feeling fiercely protective of him and his growing family.  He is a family man, now.  He deserves respect and admiration.

Yesterday when I ventured close to the shrub where the nest is, with the intention of checking it out, he suddenly appeared on the fence, screeching and swooping around in a threatening manner.  I scampered away, happy to oblige his command to give his home a wide berth.

Interesting how things change.


4 Responses to “The Most Endearing Bird Ever.”

  1. LP said

    Glad you updated – and nice change of perspective (though admittedly I was very intrigued to see if you’d carry through on the supersoaker threat!)

    Hopefully your new little bird family survives the greater than a supersoaker threat of your household menagerie!

  2. Laura said

    This post comes at the perfect time. Emma and I just finished the Secret Garden. Your mocking bird reminds me of the robin in the story. 🙂 How neat for you and your girls. Emma says she wishes a bird would nest in our yard.

  3. Leanne said

    Lisa, I never tried the SuperSoaker. Mostly because he was usually perched on our neighbor’s roof while singing and I didn’t want to be caught dousing their house with water. 🙂

    Laura, it is pretty fun! I love that robin in The Secret Garden. Colin always kind of creeped me out with his metaphysics. 🙂 But still, great story.

  4. Mel said

    laughed out loud at your comment about wanting to shoot him w/ a bow – I”m sure if you could find a way to bring the family into your home, you would 🙂

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