The Most Annoying Bird Ever.

June 12, 2010

For a few months now, Dave and I have been awakened early each morning by a bird.  I think it is a mockingbird.  He perches on our next-door neighbor’s chimney (just adjacent to our bedroom) and starts his song.  And he keeps going.  On and on.  And it lasts a lot of the day.

He is persistent.  He is relentless.  Why is he singing?  Why does he not take a break?  Will Bridget’s super-soaker reach him if I load it up and aim out my window?  I did just open the window, remove the screen and shoot this video of him.  It’s terrible quality – I don’t have a steady hand.  But I had to document his song.

(This is where I just tried to upload the video and can’t figure out how to.  Maybe when Dave returns home he can help me.  But take my word for it.  Bird is the word.  Melody after melody.  Song after song.  Never resting.)

As I replayed the video just now, I was a little afraid that he would swoop in (through the still screenless window) to see the bird who rivaled him in song, not knowing it was a recording of his very own song.  Maybe this would be a good thing if I did manage to entice him in.  I could have our cat laying in wait.  Or I could get out our bow and arrow.  Something to silence his ever-chipper song forever.  How terrible is that?  I don’t actually mind him during the day.  But 5 a.m?  It’s asking too much.


3 Responses to “The Most Annoying Bird Ever.”

  1. LP said

    I vote super soaker – while someone videos. Ha ha.

    Glad you had fun last weekend!

    See you tomorrow morning…and Monday night! 🙂

  2. nfmgirl said

    I’ve had a mockingbird that liked to sing up a storm at about 2-3 AM. Luckily I was usually asleep, and didn’t hear it, but my boyfriend was often up and told me about it. I didn’t believe him until I stayed up late one night and heard it for myself.

  3. Su said

    You should try the super soaker, because I really want to read THAT blog. 🙂

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