Just a fun update

June 8, 2010

I spent a lovely weekend in Palm Desert with 11 fellow mom friends.  It’s an annual trip that we’ve been taking, with more or less the same women, for 10 years now.  Bliss!  Talking, munching on junk food, talking, sitting by the pool, talking, staying up late and sleeping in, talking….  I feel like my “spoken words quota” was caught up on and filled to overflowing this weekend.  So great!  I’m blessed and grateful for the friendships in my life.

Back to the grindstone today.  Eight more school days!  Much to do.

A fun little project that Lucy’s class is working on (before the end of school) is this mural.  Each kid in her 5th grade class gets to paint “something that soars” on the handball wall.   Pretty cool.  She painted a “Lucy’s Warbler, ” a bird I recently discovered online.  Lucy was thrilled to know it exists, because in the realm of sisterly rivalry, it has always irked her a bit that her sister has a bird family bearing her name:  the Phoebe bird.  Here is Lucy’s rendition of the Lucy’s Warbler.


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