A Tuesday to Remember

June 2, 2010

It feels like this was a day to remember.  Bridget and I went to Legoland and had a lovely time.  For the first time, I didn’t bring the stroller.  She is an able-bodied 4 year old.  Why do I always bring the stroller?  (Because I don’t want to hear her whine about walking and being tired and I don’t like going at a snails pace while she passive-aggressively ambles along.)  But today, I pumped her up about being a big girl.  She was delightful!  And she made it!  And we did the whole park.  So fun!  And I’m nostalgically mindful of how very few “Just Bridget and Mommy” days there are left in this season of life.  Summers coming, with sisters home.  And Kindergarten in the Fall!

After LEGOLAND, we collected the older girls (plus friend) from school and went home for ice cream.

The friend noticed that our praying mantis eggs had hatched!  Wild excitement ensued as I released them (got to to it quick or they’ll eat each other!) and captured two to keep as pets.  (Am I truly insane?)  Lucy and her friend were amused by my antics and spent a lot of time in pre-teen laughing fits for this and other unknown reasons all afternoon.

Also, our silkworms seem to be thinking that they may spin cocoons soon.  Silk threads are all over the box.  Fascinating to watch.

And…..Dave’s copyedited maunscript came in the mail!!  Excited and nervous about what this next phase of “becoming an author” is going to mean for him and us.

And…Phoebe “graduated” to getting her hard shoes for her Irish Dance class.  A huge deal for her!  She’s learned 4 beginners’ softshoe dances and now gets to move on to the hard shoes, as soon as we can order her a pair.

And…I sewed a little project on my new sewing machine that turned out pretty cool – a Betsy Ross hat for Phoebe’s project.  After all, the Living History Museum is next Friday, the same day as the Science Fair (for Lucy’s grade.)  Didn’t want to be last minute on the hat.

So.  It’s been a full day.  I’m tired, but also kind of wired feeling.  I hope that sleep will come and restore some peace and order to our household.


One Response to “A Tuesday to Remember”

  1. LP said

    Woohoo about Bridget and the great day you guys had…and Dave’s manuscript…and Phoebe and the dance progress…and the newest of your critters…and about your sewing project! Can’t wait to work on the others when your life calms down (ha ha) a bit.

    BTW, Mike is pretty sure you guys are the biggest answer to prayer imaginable I think…when I told him he was getting the two of you in that class, he grinned. Then when I said you played piano he look at me and said you’re kidding, right? 😀 Oh, and I know you made someone else’s day with the note about Sunday – heard about it right away yesterday!

    Praying you were able to sleep last night!

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