It’s coming!

May 19, 2010

I realized this afternoon that the school year is coming to an end. And with the ending of school comes the inevitable flurry of extra activities.

Bridget has a preschool Luau and preschool graduation ceremony.  Phoebe has a field trip to the zoo, an expert fair (where she will dress up as Betsy Ross and tell her story), and piano recital.  Lucy has one more book report, her science fair project, field trip to The Museum of Making Music and a field trip to see a play, and her 5th grade promotion ceremony.

With all these children’s activities, I’m going to be a busy mom.

We tried to ban the word “busy” from our family vocabulary a few years ago, because it seems like the cop-out answer for people when they say, “How are you?”  The reply: “Busy.”  Surely our lives are full, but if it’s overwhelmingly full, we’ve been making bad choices.  But sometimes being busy is inescapable.

I like to chaperone  field trips when I can, so I’ll have to see if any of them work with my schedule and my ability to get Bridget a babysitter.  I’ve got to get Phoebe’s costume together for Betsy Ross, as well as help her research.  I’ve got to hound her to practice piano.  I’ve got to cheer Lucy on in her book report (the girl has major spring fever and is sick of schoolwork right now.)  And I’ve got to somehow ensure that our guinea pig will cooperate with the maze racing that Lucy has planned for her to do for the science fair.  (Usually rats are the rodents of choice for maze-running.  Guinea pigs are shy and reserved, and I’m afraid we’ll have to coax her through the whole ordeal with a sprig of parsley danging in front of her.)

As volunteer “Art Docent” for Phoebe’s class, I’ll also need to organize 32 student’s art portfolios that we’ve been working on all year, including carving out time for them to finish various unfinished art pieces.  I’ll need to come up with a tolerably attractive one for each child to hang at the Art Show, as well as try to come up with a whole class project that we can auction off at said show.

I’m going to be involved with the girls getting together their “thank you” gifts for their teachers.  (They each have done a simple embroidery project in years’ past.)  And I’ll need to write some nice notes of appreciation for their teachers as well.  (Just today I was grateful for what kind and concerned teachers we’ve been privileged to have instructing our children.  I had a great conversation with Phoebe’s teacher today about Phoebe’s social development this year.)

Then, there is the summer planning to think about.  Summer looks to be starting off with a bang, with me taking my children and my nieces to our church’s KidsGames for the first week, where I will be involved in helping with the International Crafts sessions they’ll be doing there.  The following week we’re supposed to be camping at the beach with friends, while juggling a horse camp that Lucy is helping to counsel.  Then comes two weeks of swimming lessons.  Oh, yeah, and Phoebe and Bridget are both having birthdays (June and July) so I guess I need to start planning parties too.


I need to take some deep breaths and remember that I cannot possibly control all these things.  I will have to opt out of some things, and delegate some things.  I will have to remember that if none of the preceding things get done perfectly that the world will continue to spin on its axis, that God will still be in control.  And I need to slow down so I can enjoy the moments.  Especially poignant to me is the realization that these are the last few weeks of it just being me and Bridget during the day.  She’s heading off to Kindergarten in the fall, and our lives will experience a slight “sea change.”

Right now my girls are enjoying a sunny afternoon playing outside with neighbor kids.  I will savor the silence in the house for a few minutes as I steel myself for the frantic weeks to come.


2 Responses to “It’s coming!”

  1. LP said

    Sewing. Sewing is good to help counteract and slow down busyness. Really. I bought you a little something you’ll need for your project 🙂 I’ll call you…probably tomorrow!

  2. Melody said

    this made me tired just reading your post…that and maybe the fact that I’m still on a funky sleep schedule from time changes with traveling 🙂 I don’t know how you do 1/2 of what you do…!! 🙂

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