April 7, 2010

To break my blogging silence, I will offer this brief update on our lives:

1.  The children are on Spring Break. I’m watching the dynamics between the sisters change as each grows and matures in different ways.  (More on that in another blog post.)

2. Dave is busy trying to finish his 100 Thing Challenge book.

3. We’re getting ready to plant our garden.

4. We had a lovely Easter, complete with crazy 7.2 earthquake.

5. I’m reading Where Is God? by John Townsend.  Very good and thoughtful and encouraging.  I recently finished The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.  They were amazing, and I see potential for some new literary OCD as the new book comes out in August.  I’ve already dabbled in reading some theories and speculations as to what’s going to happen in book 3.  Reminds me of the good old days of waiting for Harry Potter books to come out.

Oh, heck, why don’t I just write about the girls right now?  Bridget is almost five, and her sudden articulate-ness is astonishing.  She also seems to have learned some new methods of being an annoying baby sister, esp. to Lucy.  But then again, that may be because Lucy is growing up too, and has some pre-teen mood swings and less willingness to sit on the floor and play with Bridget for endless hours.  So, I don’t know what is coming first – chicken or egg?  Is Bridget just driving Lucy crazy and therefore Lucy doesn’t want to indulge her so much?  Or is Lucy exuding some “rejection” emotions, causing Bridget to react with sadness and increased whiny-ness?  Sigh.  It’s sad to see, because Lucy could always be counted on (as far as Bridget was concerned) to be like a second mom, but more patient, more fun, and more willing to play with Schleich horses.  Now, she’s changing.  And Bridget is growing up too, and I hate to say it, but she can act like a spoiled-brat-entitled-baby-sister at times.

Have you noticed that Phoebe has been conspicuously absent from my description of this dynamic?  I used to worry about her, because the other two would happily play and hang out, while Phoebe seemed on the fringe.  Lately Phoebe has been playing with Bridget a lot – rough, loud, fun Phoebe-style play.  And Phoebe’s been doing a lot of chatting and laughing with Lucy.  The middle child who melds with who she’s with.  Just when I think I’ve decided which child I need to worry about the most, pray for the most, and work on their character the most, they emerge as the most well-adapted one!  That’s Phoebe in my mind, lately.  Likely that will change.  Sigh again.

Last night as I was praying for my girls, I was reminded of a sweet prayer in the Book of Common Prayer.  It’s listed in the Compline section, to be prayed before you go to sleep at night.  And here it is: “Be present, O merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life may rest in your eternal changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.”

Amen, indeed.


3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Mel said

    I really like that prayer – it’s very calming.

    Fun hearing about the girls, including their ups and downs that change from day to day…they are kids afterall… 🙂

    SO glad you like Hunger Games…I haven’t read anything about the 3rd book – I want to be surprised….:) I’m still plugging away on Harry – I am still on the 5th one – my free time for reading has been somewhat limited these days…but I am completely enjoying them!!! I almost feel like I should ‘pace’ myself as I’m coming towards the end of the books / series because I don’t want them to end.

    • Leanne said

      Hey Mel! I’m so happy that you are enjoying Harry. I think the little I read about the 3rd HG books (it’s going to be titled Mockingjay I think) seemed really far-fetched. We’ll see!

      And yes, they are kids after all. 🙂

  2. Lisa P. said

    Hey friend 🙂

    I always love reading your blog, especially when it lends insight into how I can be praying when it’s been too long since we’ve had more than a few snippets of time to talk here and there! Speaking of which, next Tuesday work?

    Saw you guys coming tonight, but you were preoccupied with Bridget and I only got to say hey to L and P. So I’ll say hi here!

    Thanks again for helping Sunday! You guys had those kids captivated during small group time!


    P.S. I wrote you back in the comments on my post that you commented on the other day (I think it was the Girl Meets God one) – in case you didn’t subscribe to comments and didn’t see it!

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