Wild Animal Park Day!

February 19, 2010

Bridget and I went to the Wild Animal Park today.  We had gone a few days ago, because we heard that an elephant was born on Valentine’s Day, but we couldn’t stay long that day.  So today we headed out there for most of the day.  Beautiful!  The San Pasqual Valley is a spectacular sight in the early spring time.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I had my camera in my bag, so I didn’t get any shots of the darling newborn elephant!  But here’s one of Bridget with her favorite deer in the petting kraal, Winky.  (So named because he only has one eye.)

And here are two Bridget took; one of the valley, and one of a group of giraffes feeding.  I thought she did a pretty darn good job with these shots!


3 Responses to “Wild Animal Park Day!”

  1. Jenn Byrne said

    Cute picture of Bridget – sounds like a fun day!!

  2. Mel said

    future photographer?? 🙂 What a beautiful day…you need to go back though b/c I want to see the baby elephant! 🙂

    I just rcv’d that book, “Left to Tell” from my library today – looking forward to reading her story –

    remember, to get “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins – young adult…I had a dream last night that the movie came out and we went to see it and you couldn’t get into it and I told you it’s because you hadn’t read the books yet… 🙂

  3. Mom said

    When Dad saw these photos that Bridgie took he was remembering when we went with the kids to In N Out before the circus last year & Bridgie did a photo shoot of him & he thought she had a toy camera. So she started learning how to take photographs on another animal & I won’t say what kind it was…..but it does begin with jack…..(can I post that on your blog?)

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