Dodge Ball Dodging

January 14, 2010

Tonight, our family piled in the car to head to church for “Wednesday Night Clubs.”  Fun, crazy times!  Dave and I are both helping out with the 1st and 2nd grade girls group.  (I have been doing it for 2 years now, and just recruited Dave to help out, as we were a little short-staffed.  He has become the absolute star of the group in the eyes of all these 6 and 7-year-olds.  They’re all dropping out of their small groups to join his group and take great delight in tackling him, climbing him, swinging from his arms.  Very endearing for a wife to see!!)

Anyway!  Tonight we had “Gym Night” and played Dodge Ball.

I cannot stand Dodge Ball.  I think I still have P.T.S.D. from playing Dodge Ball in that very same church gymnasium 25 years ago.  I would go up to the edge of the game, urgently beg someone to gently tag me out on the leg and then slink off in relief to stand with the kids who were trying to pelt the inner circle kids with balls.  I was terrified of getting hit by the ball in the head or something, and the sheer suspense of waiting for such a fate was miserable.

So, now, as a leader, I hang back.  If there are girls who aren’t Dodge Ball enthusiasts, I chat with them a bit and then tell them in a conspiratory whisper: “I really don’t like playing Dodge Ball.  I never have liked it.  How about you?”  They always look at me with wide, surprised eyes, and they admit it’s not their thing, either.  Maybe I’m over-identifying with their relief, but oh! what I would have given for a leader to say that and give me permission not to like Dodge Ball when I was 6, 7, 8 years old.

Dave laughed when I told him my childhood Dodge Ball strategy as a kid.  He, apparently, was one of those children who try to take as many poor, defenseless players out as possible.

To each his own.  I’ll stay on the fringe, doing what’s comfortable for me.  Dodging Dodge Ball altogether.


2 Responses to “Dodge Ball Dodging”

  1. Lisa P. said

    Ha ha! I love it! I hate dodgeball, too! 🙂 Remind me to tell you a funny dodgeball story when we have lunch next. And I love that Dave is the new favorite at Clubs ~ how cool!

    Thanks again for helping out for these two Sundays…I’m hoping you heard from them since I didn’t get an email back from Rob/Mary or Wanda saying they couldn’t reach you?

    Looking forward to seeing your smiling face Sunday morning. You up for lunch maybe on Tuesday? I know it’s lasagna if we’re in the cafe (don’t know the other choices) but we can do something else or bring lunch 🙂

  2. Leanne said

    Hey Lisa! Yes, I heard from Rob and Wanda. I’m looking forward to it, and Lucy is super-excited that I’m going to be in her CAT class. 🙂

    Lunch on Tuesday would be great. The cafe is fine!

    See you Sunday! (and Tuesday!) Can’t wait to hear your dodge ball experience.

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