Happy New Year!

January 6, 2010

It’s a new year!  We rang in the new year as we customarily do, with our “Home Group.”  When Dave and I were first married, we joined with three other newlywed couples and formed a Home Fellowship group through our church.  Now, 13 years later, our group has the same four couples but we have collectively  added 13 children and one more on the way.  (Thankfully, not from my womb.)

We meet weekly (not with the children) to hang out, talk, and pray.  We camp together (with the children) a few times a year, and every New Year’s Eve, one family has the rest of over for a giant sleepover party to greet the New Year.  It is great fun!

This group has meant so much to Dave and I, and is definitely a contributing factor to our happy marriage.  It is a brutally honest group, where if one spouse has a grievance against the other, the guilty one is placed on the “Hot Seat” where he (or she) is questioned by the other group members and we dialogue until some resolution is found.  Brutally honest, but covered in humor and grace and love, too.  True friends, true community, true blessing from God.

After midnight comes on New Years, we get the kids off to bed and talk about any resolutions we have for the New Year.  Here are mine for this year…

1. I am going to try to eat only when sitting down.  I read about this in a magazine and thought it was a great idea, namely, because my tendency to overeat in times of stress or boredom are usually when I’m standing in my kitchen, mindlessly noshing on cookies or chips.  Sit down with the same cookies or chips, and bam! you’re instantly more mindful and intentional about what goes in the mouth.   In these first five days of 2010 it’s become apparent to me that this was a good goal to work on, because I keep catching myself eating on the run.  Breakfast and lunch especially.  So, I’m working on it!  Slowing down, being aware of what I’m doing.  And hopefully helping my body and soul as a result!

2. Organize my recipe collection.  Cookbooks, magazines, printouts, index cards.  All are jumbled in one kitchen cabinet.  I’ve already gone through a bit of it.  Slow and steady with this one….

3. Tread lightly.  At night, that is.  I am totally a night person who wakes up around bedtime each night.  As you can imagine, this has caused some marital discord, as Dave loves a quiet and mellow slow-down at the end of the day, and likes to get to sleep early.  I have been accused by him (and rightly, I must add) of stomping around like a maniac at night, causing our whole house to shake.  I am resolving to slow down and step lightly at night as I get ready for bed.

So there it is.  Three specific things I’ve not tried to accomplish before.  I always feel like New Years Resolutions only work if they are something you haven’t tried to do by sheer willpower before.  If I wanted to do something, and just trying hard was the secret to doing it, I would have done it before now, without a “resolution.”  That’s my take, anyway.

Happy New Year!


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Dawn Kotapish said

    Dear Leanne,

    I enjoyed your posting from March 20 in which you share how you stay connected to Wheaton by listening to chapel messages electronically. I’d love to quote you for a marketing piece the College is currently putting together. Please contact me at my email address above at your earliest convenience.


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