Amelia Earhart and Twins

October 29, 2009

Oh, I’ve been negligent about blogging.

Here’s a quick post about today.  Lucy did a biography book report and had to dress as her subject and make a speech.  (I will not mention how we walked to school and I was planning to stay to watch her speech, and she realized she forgot her index cards and I had to sprint home to get them.  We won’t even mention the motherly sacrifice and effort.)


She did awesome.  I have such tender feelings toward this girl-turning-young-lady of mine.  I don’t often blog about her, because it feels a little different writing details about a person who can read and comprehend a lot and may not want the whole world to know every detail of her existence.  But this girl is gold.

Today was also “Twin Day” at school.  Here is Phoebe and her friend.  So cute.  I really like my children a lot. It’s strange and wonderful to see how they are growing up.



3 Responses to “Amelia Earhart and Twins”

  1. dawn said

    so cute Leanne–she made a great Amelia! And way to go, sprinting mom. We’ve all had those moments. I really like my kids too. Like I think I’d like them if they weren’t my kids. It’s cool, huh?

  2. Dave Bruno said

    Nice bookshelf! It complements your child and her bird perfectly. I love it!

  3. Leanne said

    Dawn! Fun to see you here. I love that – you’d like them if they weren’t your kids. Exactly what I mean! 🙂

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