The Lion and The Lamb

October 12, 2009

This is the Bruno family version of the Lion and the Lamb, a.k.a. our dog Piper and our guinea pig Ebony.  Piper is just the nicest gentle giant mutt you can imagine, and he has been a bit lonely since the demise of Crisp.  Remember Crisp?  The cat who snuggled up to Piper and let Piper nibble his belly in a most affectionate (and occasionally disturbing) way?  Well, our other cat keeps an aloof distance from Piper, but Bridget has recently allowed Ebony the guinea pig some closer proximity to Piper.  Heavily supervised of course, because we all know that animal instincts can kick in quickly, and a child traumatized by the violent death of her guinea pig is not something I’m in the mood to take on these days.  But Piper seems to be maintaining his self-control and giving Ebony a bit of loving and snuzzling.  Warms the heart, for sure!






3 Responses to “The Lion and The Lamb”

  1. Sara said

    Such cool pictures! I love how the guinea pig trusts the dog enough to sit under his belly!!

    I’m glad I found you on here… I’ll be sure to visit often!

  2. Mel said

    very cute! Ebony is a brave little guinea pig… 🙂

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