Recommendation: The Days Gone By; Songs of the American Poets

October 1, 2009

I bought this CD years ago when Lucy was a toddler, and it has become an annual family tradition to listen to it each autumn. I love this CD.

I’ve never been a big poetry person. I think part of the reason is, poetry is better when spoken aloud, not on the printed page. So, when I read poetry in a book, it usually doesn’t do much for me. But poetry set to music – well, that’s a brilliant idea! And these songs work as poetry should work on a person – bringing a person to a greater appreciation of their humanity and creation around them.

As the editorial review on Amazon reads: “The Days Gone By, a country- and bluegrass-leaning collection… expertly evokes the image-rich landscapes and fanciful musings of five great American poets.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I, uh, didn’t. I will tell you, though, that those poets are Emily Dickinson, Eugene Field, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, and James Whitcomb Riley.

Here’s a snippet of the poem from the title piece:

O the days gone by! O the days gone by!
The music of the laughing lip, the luster of the eye;
The childish faith in fairies, and Aladdin’s magic ring—
The simple, soul-reposing, glad belief in everything,—
When life was like a story, holding neither sob nor sigh,
In the golden olden glory of the days gone by.
My other favorite in this collection is the last piece – Some Time. Oh, it is tender and sweet. A father loving on a child and thinking ahead to the woes and griefs that child will know in life, and urging a sense of consolation because of his deep
love for the child. Sends shivers down my spine every time.
Since it’s now October, I got this CD out and have been listening to it, even though the frost is most definitely not on the punkins around here. Hot, dry, Santa Ana winds. But I pop this CD in, and am instantly transported to an autumn
world of color and beauty, and poetry. Give it a try; I highly recommend it!



2 Responses to “Recommendation: The Days Gone By; Songs of the American Poets”

  1. Leanne said

    I cannot figure out why I can’t get the spacing to work in the last few paragraphs. That kind of thing really bugs the perfectionistic side of me. Oh, well. All the editing and updating I tried won’t make the spacing right. I’m letting it go. 🙂

  2. Mom said

    thanks for the reminder…it is October! Time to find my Days Gone By CD…the frost isn’t quite on the pumpkin in SD but must be somewhere!

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