Monday Morning Musings…Oh, wait. It’s Tuesday

September 8, 2009

…Which shows the muddled state of my brain this morning.

Today is my birthday.  I am 34 years old today.  Yikes!

Bridget is sleeping in (still!) and I did something I’ve never done before: I sent the children off to school by themselves. They already walk themselves home, but I like to accompany them in the morning because, how will I know if they arrive safely?  Also, I like to think that those last minutes with Mommy will be a balm to their little spirits all day.  Delusional thinking, probably.

Speaking of “Free Range Kids” I’d like to direct readers of this blog to one of my favorite blogs: Free Range Kids.  (Clever sentence, I know.) Lenore Skenazy is hilarious.  And though this is a post from a few days ago, it’s pertinent today because today is the day of President Obama’s speech to the schoolchildren of America.  Here’s Lenore’s perspective, and I couldn’t agree more…

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


One Response to “Monday Morning Musings…Oh, wait. It’s Tuesday”

  1. Mom said

    thought I would take advantage of this special day to tell you how special you are to me! Happy Birthday! Mom

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