Book Review: Where’s My Teddy?

July 8, 2009

Where's My Teddy? Big Book
Okay, it’s a little lame to review this picture book and try to pass it off as a real blog post, but I read this book to Bridget tonight and realized, “I love this book.”  And it has a small story about how it came to be in our family.
When Lucy was a toddler we moved to Wheaton, IL so that Dave could do a Master’s Degree program at Wheaton College.  (Phoebe was born during our stint in Wheaton.)  I remember taking those children to the Glen Ellyn Public Library often, especially in the winter when any outdoor activity was pretty near impossible.  I cannot stand being cold.  Therefore, although I love Wheaton College and that area of the country, I was so glad to move back to San Diego when Dave completed his program.
We packed up and moved out and drove across the country to a temporary apartment while our house was being finished.  (This was seven years ago.)  Most of our belongings went into a storage unit and all of our forwarded mail went to my in-laws house.  It was there that I received a notice from the Glen Ellyn Public Library that our book was overdue:  Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough.  Uh, oh.  I knew that book was in some random box in the back of the storage unit that we wouldn’t be unlocking for several months still.  I phoned the library and explained, and sent them a check to purchase the book.
I’m so glad it was this book that I was forced to purchase from the library.  It’s a great story.  Beautiful, funny pictures.  A readable, rolicking rhyme that I haven’t yet grown tired of reading to all my children.  It’s got irony and a great little lesson of seeing things from a different perspective.  And I’ve come up with a great voice for the Bear.  The girls love it.  And it is so sturdily bound in library binding that I think it will be in our family for generations to come!

2 Responses to “Book Review: Where’s My Teddy?”

  1. Dave Bruno said

    What?! I’ve never heard you use your great bear voice!

  2. Mom said

    me neither!

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