Summer Tales

July 5, 2009

Summer has begun!  We started off with a bang – Phoebe celebrated her 8th birthday on the last day of school, and Bridget had her’s on July 1.  We’ve been to the beach three times, my parents’ pool three times, and the San Diego County Fair.  We’ve had a sleepover here, and I got to take another “mom’s trip” with some dear girlfriends a few weekends back.  Lucy spent a week helping at her riding teacher’s horsecamp, and Phoebe’s had a few playdates, including a trip to the waterpark.

Despite the fullness of the fun calendar, the kids have paved the roads of boredom and bickering already.  Especially the two younger girls.  Man, can that be tiresome to listen to!

I’ve been reading for fun, too.  I read a book called The Restorer, a Christian science fiction work which I alternately enjoyed and thought was cheesy.  I’ve re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince along with other patrons at the Hogs’ Head Blog, in anticipation of the movie.  (I really have a problem with seeing movies that have been made from books.  They always get so much wrong,  and things don’t look how I imagine them, and I know cinema is a different media and things have to be somewhat different, but I think I’m too much of a book nerd to be able to embrace the differences!!  I always swear, “Never again.” when I see a from-book movie, and I always see them anyway so I don’t feel left out of life and conversation, bit I generally regret it.)   I’m also working my way through Raising Great Kids again, which I find such a helpful “road map” to remembering what I’m trying to accomplish in this crazy endeavor known as…parenting.

I felt like I had to do a quick catch-up post, so that I can now resume the usual fare of thought-provoking, excellent writing that you are all used to.  🙂

See you soon!




3 Responses to “Summer Tales”

  1. Su said

    I hear ya– I’m still holding out on watching Order of the Phoenix. But, Half-Blood Prince is probably my favourite of the series, so I will likely go see it.

  2. Leanne said

    Su, I do love HBP too. I think the Harry/Dumbledore interactions are so satisfying! Thanks for commenting and being such a faithful reader!!

  3. Laura Lee said

    Happy Birthday to your little Ladies!
    What a fun start to the summer!
    To curb the bickering – remind of them of the LIST ON THE INDEX CARD by leaving it somewhere they will spot it (the piano was a good spot, right). 🙂
    Hope to see you sometime this summer.

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