First Harvest

June 15, 2009

Dave, my beloved husband, put a garden in our backyard this year – a first for us. It’s been fun to see things actually growing. It feels sort of miraculous.

Today we had our first harvest – of green beans. Pole and bush. We’ll do a taste test tonight at dinner to see what we prefer! Bridget was very excited to pick the beans and put them in her little basket.

Incidentally, there may be more appearances of the older children after this week…school is out on Thursday! So we’ll have lots of together-time adventures to share. Or, I may be so busy breaking up sibling squabbles and keeping everyone on an even keel that I will completely drop out of the blogosphere for a few months. Let’s hope for the former option!



6 Responses to “First Harvest”

  1. kikorajoy said

    Darn if she isn’t totally stinking adorable. Wnat to have an arranged marriage with another EFCC family with ministry hearts over where I’m at? They’ve got three cute boys to choose from 🙂

  2. Mel said

    super cute picture! your garden looks like it’s doing really well! A lot of growth from when I saw it just a few weeks ago!!

  3. aww too cute! i can’t wait to get beans from our garden. seems to be taking too long. lol


  4. Mama Mary said

    What a gorgeous photo!

  5. […] 12, 2009 We planted a vegetable garden for the first time this year, and it has been a lovely experience.  Our tiny suburban yard […]

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