Farm Trip Fiasco

May 27, 2009

Today was the Annual Farm Tour of the C.S.A. we belong to.  (Community Supported Agriculture.)  It’s a local organic farm where we get fresh organic veggies and fruits bi-weekly.  I thought it would be fun and interesting for the children (and for me) to see exactly where this farm was, what it looks like, and get a little closer to the land and the growing process.

In theory, it was.

The reality was a little different.

The farmer was a very nice man, and I’m sure he is exceedingly good at farming.  His skills for public speaking to a large crowd and his ability to logistically orchestrate a tour of his farm were…lacking a bit.

I had harbored secret visions of pulling my older girls out of school for a worthwhile “personal field trip” experience.  I imagined them skipping with delight through rows of newly planted crops, exulting in the way God’s creation is ordered and subdued by people, to grow food and banish pests in a natural, wholesome way.

I was disappointed.

The “tour” got started 40 minutes late, and by the time we actually got up and joined the eclectic group of homeschooling families, hippy-looking people, sweet elderly people and cool-looking young adults with nose-rings, my children were already griping and complaining.  Lucy said she would have preferred to go to school today.  Phoebe claimed she was hot, then she complained she was cold.  Bridget wanted me to carry her and whined incessantly.

We left early.

I’m glad to see where our crops come from.  I’m grateful to that nice farmer and his vision for growing organically.  I’m appreciative of the people who belong to the C.S.A. with us.  And I don’t think we’ll do the tour next year.


One Response to “Farm Trip Fiasco”

  1. Dave Bruno said

    Wish I could have been there, Baby!

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