Memorial Day Camping Trip

May 26, 2009

We took the girls up to William Heise campgrounds for a quick one-night camping adventure.  It was fun, except for our dog, Piper, who was very nervous about the whole ordeal.  (He’s only camped in a campground once before.)  The night was the worst.  We took him into our tent where he nervously paced and licked himself, startling at every noise outside.  Dave and I took turns taking him out to try to calm him down, let him pee, etc.  Nothing helped.  Finally, at around 1am, I fed him a children’s Benadryl and stroked him until he got so drowsy that he finally conked out, stretched out next to my sleeping bag. Ridiculous.

Otherwise, we had some fun hiking, exploring, s’more toasting, reading and talking around the fire, and above all (at least for our younger two children) – getting as dirty as possible.

Dave and I celebrate our 13th anniversary today.  Yay!  I love that I still like hanging out with that guy.


One Response to “Memorial Day Camping Trip”

  1. Mel said

    looks like you guys had a great time! Congratulations on #13!! Am so happy to hear you guys still like hanging out with one another! 🙂

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