Otherwise Occupied

May 6, 2009

I’ve had lots of little funny stories and deep, wise thoughts to blog about. Where are the posts? Still unwritten, and the funny stories and deep, wise thoughts: forgotten.

I’ve been busy with the usual – parenting, cooking, cleaning. But also, I’ve been reading. I started the Earthsea cycle by Ursula Le Guin. I was given the first book awhile ago, and finally decided to start it. I loved it! A quick trip to the library secured books 2 and 3, and I’ve been in an Obsessive Compulsive state to read them all.

Dave can tell you all about my reading OCD.

Actually, it’s been worse. When the Harry Potter books came out, one by one, I’d completely disappear from family life to read. I’m using some temperance, here. But I’m pretty engrossed. Maybe a review will follow here when I’m done. Until then, I gotta go read!


One Response to “Otherwise Occupied”

  1. Mama Mary said

    I just finished Operating Instructions, the one you gave to LLJ. I LOVE that book. I’ve purchased it for a few friends – I just love her writing. It’s apropos since my youngest daughter is turning (1) in a few weeks. Have fun reading! Have you read City of Thieves yet?

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