Creative Girl!

April 21, 2009

So, I just had to do a quick post on my daughter Phoebe. She is an energetic, bright, feisty girl. She has a tender heart and a ready laugh. She will be eight years old in June, which I cannot believe. Sometimes she astonishes me with her creativity; the girl thrives on making crafts.

Yesterday it was like 100 degrees outside so I gave the girls ice cream to eat on the porch as an after school snack. (The porch is cooler than our un-air-conditioned house.) Lucy had to go inside for some reason, followed by Bridget. Then the phone rang so I ran inside to answer it. Phoebe was left on the porch. When she came inside she showed us what she had done out there, with the materials she found right in our yard. She even used some gooey plant sap to stick the leaves on. I’m sorry, but I have to brag: this girl is creative!

(I took the picture next to a cute ankle bracelet that she made a few days ago.) (Oh, and the second picture is of Phoebe and Piper looking out over our back deck. It cracked me up, seeing them side by side. They are very nearly the same height!)




3 Responses to “Creative Girl!”

  1. Laura Lee said

    That is so awesome. She is a creative genious!

  2. Tina Lee said

    Leanne, I love peeking in on your blog.
    You are such a great mom!
    After school snacks, book reviews, relishing your child’s creativity, and so much more….I love it!
    Your girls are truly blessed. miss you my friend.

  3. Leanne said

    Thanks, Tina! So good to hear from you. Great mom? Maybe sometimes… Good enough mom is my goal. 🙂

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