Resisting Neccessary Rest

January 14, 2009

Bridget – our 3.5 year old – was cranky and seemed tired all morning. She naps only once or twice a week these days (sigh) and she was sucking her thumb and lounging around with her blankie. Still, after swimming lessons and a couple of errands and lunch, when I announced it was was rest time, she was indignant.  “I’m not tired!  I was just pretending!!

Hmmm.  What is it that makes a child resist what she needs?  Although, I suppose I resist a lot of things I need, too.  Even rest.  I am famous for scurrying around doing housework and endless laundry and who knows what and Dave is constantly telling me, “Take a break.  Relax.”

Leisure does not come naturally to me.

And I do see this as a problem at times.

Anyway, I just tucked Bridget in after reading three books.  (“Because I’m three years old, Mommy.”)  Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett.  Great, sweet story with lovely illustrations.  The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.  Amazing Eric Carle pictures, but painfully too-long and poorly-written text.  (Even Bridget, who loves this book, gives me reprieve on the text.  “You can skip some of the words, Mommy.”)  And The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  I loved that book as a child, and I still like the pictures, but what an unhealthy, codependent relationship that tree has with that selfish boy!   I’m always a bit conflicted about reading that one.

Will she nap?  I hope so.  For her sake and mine.  And I’m off to get dinner started for us and for our neighbors who just had a new baby!  Yay!


One Response to “Resisting Neccessary Rest”

  1. Mom said

    “Is it ok if I say that you are a wonderful Mom? You make me so proud of the way you are raising your kids….one of your biggest fans!”

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