Poor Boy

December 17, 2008

I have three little daughters. My sister, who lives in our community, also has three little daughters. There are no boys in our family at all, except for spouses. I was watching my nieces today and our neighbor came over, a nice boy who is almost twelve. He was trying out his new skateboard. Then he came in these house and immediately asked if he could try out the new remote control helicopter that a distant uncle sent the girls. He was whizzing that thing around the room as the girls and their cousins wandered outside to play. Eventually the neighbor boy grew bored of the helicopter and followed the other children outside. “What are you guys doing?” I heard him call across the way to my girls and nieces. “Looking for heart-shaped rocks on this hill,” they called back. I saw the neighbor boy heave a big sigh and hop on his skateboard to ride slowly home.


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