I Like My Children.

December 11, 2008

Yesterday was Lucy’s birthday. Ten years old. Can I truly be old enough to have a ten-year-old? (Sigh.)

One tiny detail that I loved about the day was the call I received from Phoebe (age 7) at the end of the school day. I had purchased them a cell phone to call me in case of emergency since they walk home without a grownup (gasp!). But my little Phoebe Jane loves to whip that thing out of her backpack and call me as they start home, and she usually inquires if I am fixing a special after-school snack. Yesterday in honor of Lucy’s birthday, I made some caramel popcorn.

I hope her orthodontist doesn’t read this blog.

Phoebe proceeded to tell me that she was going to wear her backpack as they walked home on the trail, instead of wheeling it along as usual.

Phoebe: It drives Lucy crazy when I wheel this thing on the trail.

Me: Oh, Phoebes! That’s so nice of you.

Phoebe :  (in a duh, mom! tone) Well, it is her birthday.

I like my children.


4 Responses to “I Like My Children.”

  1. Su said

    That’s really sweet.

    I love reading your “sister” stories about your girls, because it reassures me that my sister and I are more or less normal. 🙂

  2. mzpritteful said

    Hehehe, so cute! I love it!

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