The Perils of Turkey Votive Holders

November 25, 2008

This week my children are on holiday from school and we decided to make some crafts.

One craft was an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine – cute little turkey votive candle holders, just in time for Thanksgiving. The kids were slathering on the glue and tissue paper squares while I manned the hot glue gun for the turkey heads. I also decided to glue the little black bead eyes on with super glue to save the hassle of managing puddles of white glue with eyes sliding around for an hour. Two little dabs of super glue, take the tweezers and transfer the beads to the glue, and….

“Uh, oh!!” I said, looking in horror at the tweezers dangling painfully from the skin of of my thumb. I guess there had been a dab of super glue there, too. Lucy looked at me, her eyes as big as saucers as I raced to the sink. I had a vision of myself going to the E.R. with three kids in tow and tweezers glued to my thumb. “Uh, Doctor, we were making turkey votives and I accidentally…”

Thankfully, there was a small bottle of “goof off” next to the sink, since I’d used it that morning to clean jars (sometimes it pays not to put things back where they belong right away!!) and I proceeded to pour copious amounts of goof off over the thumb, and managed to pry off the tweezers. (Ouch! But no torn skin….)

In order to redeem this ridiculous experience, I played up the “Oops” factor with Lucy, laughing and sharing with her my flash daydream of heading to the E.R. with tweezers glued to my thumb. I’m very conscious of normalizing failure and ridiculous circumstances with my kids. I’m a total clutz, so there are plenty of opportunities (especially in the kitchen) to mess up and make light of it.

What a great lesson for life: Don’t take yourself so seriously. Fail, mess up, superglue things to your skin…oh, well! It’ll be all right. You may even get a laugh out of it! turkey


One Response to “The Perils of Turkey Votive Holders”

  1. Amanda said

    LOL. How perfect that you had the Goof Off right there! I don’t know what I would have done!

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