100 Thing Challenge, Alternate Method

November 12, 2008

Dave’s 100 Thing Challenge’s official kick off is today, his birthday. (Happy Birthday, Honey!) I am not doing the 100 Thing Challenge, at least not yet. It is a personal project, and one I’m not quite sure I can pull off with my pack rat tendencies. Inadvertantly, though, I think I am doing another method of eliminating things in my home. And it is called “breaking things so I have to throw them out.” I have never been the most graceful human being, and sometimes I’m downright clumsy. And I’m usually in a hurry to accomplish more than is humanly possible in the realm of homemaking. For all these reasons (and maybe by Divine coincidence) I keep breaking things. In the last few weeks, I’ve dropped several glasses and bowls, which promptly shatter on our tile floor. Oops! Into the trash! Last night our cat jumped up on a windowsill and as I tried to shoo him off, I startled him and he knocked off a lovely vase that was perched on the windowsill. Into the trash! And just now, I was reaching into the pantry for a pan in which to bake some apple snack bars for the girls’ after-school snack, when my elbow accidently bumped the olive oil, and in trying to save that from crashing to the ground, I caused it to collide with a flat-bottomed trifle bowl (all glass) and it smashed apart. Into the trash! I guess there is more than one way to eliminate excess clutter from our lives. Will I replace them? Probably not. Clumsiness takes on consumerism!


2 Responses to “100 Thing Challenge, Alternate Method”

  1. Dave Bruno said

    Oh no! I love olive oil… and you 🙂

  2. Leanne said

    The olive oil is fine, it’s the trifle bowl that bit the dust…

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