Tuck-In Tale

November 4, 2008

I just tucked Bridget in for the night.  We did prayers and snuggled and talked over the fun day we’d had – a trip to the Botanical Gardens, a visit to the train station just to watch the trains roar by, making banana bread together, filling up the birdfeeder with seeds.  I didn’t mention the moments of defiance and naughtiness that Bridget committed today.  Why bring them up again in that sweet space of time just before sleep?  Obviously she had them on her mind, though, because I gave her one last kiss on her forehead and said, “Jesus loves you, Bridgie.”  She looked at me, took her thumb out of her mouth, and said, “But He doesn’t love it when you put me on time out.”

Unbelievable.  I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Now I must attend to my other children, whom I don’t seem to write much about here, but who occupy a good deal of my time and attention, too.  Especially once “that little one” is tucked in for the night, drifting off to sleep as she considers Jesus’ love for her, and Mommy’s transgressions.


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