Things Daddy Wouldn’t Do

October 17, 2008

Bridget wanted to do some painting this morning. Of course, things evolved and the paint did not want to remain simply on the brush and paper.  This is one of those parenting moments when I realize that if Dave were the stay-at-home parent, this is not the activity he would have chosen this morning.  He does amazingly fun and creative activities with the girls, but they never turn out to be a mess.  Hmmm.   Maybe a balance of messy and neat parents is a good thing?   I think so!  How fun is it to have cool, slimy paints squishing between your fingers?  How not fun is it to clean up the mess?  Oh, well…


One Response to “Things Daddy Wouldn’t Do”

  1. Mel said

    Looks like fun! I think I would tend to be more like Dave, but wish I WAS more like you! 🙂

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